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Started: 09 July 2016

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1.2 Battleground ***SPOILERS THREAD***
trevor travis
This thread includes spoilers to the above audio. If you wish to avoid spoilers, please stick to the other thread.
Horizon's review is here: http://www.blakes...icle_id=25

No spoilers as such, although the last scene of Fractures is mentioned...
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Gauda Cheese


Lets Go Through Every Mikalov in the Phone Book

"This is *&#$%^% awesome" Me

"Yeah it is"

"Mikalov is totally going to die"

"Oh of course she is"

Michelle and I don't really talk and make comments like we do when watching a TV story and Battleground has the distinction of being the first story that I experience with her for the first time.

We loved it! The action was great, if we heard fight noises we both knew Avon was beating someone up. The ideas were really good, like the idea of using prisoners as fodder for Federation training, the satellites which Michelle and I think might be controlled by Federac! (sp?)

Vila almost stole the show for us even though he didn't have much to do his story about robbing people was hilarious.

Not only was Avon good in this but..... so was Blake! He felt more in his element here among other rebels.

In true Blakes 7 tradition, Michelle and I really liked Mikalov and thus knew she was going to die.

The set ups we can't wait to see play out, Federac is being done behind Servalan's back! How will the crew get out of this cliffhanger. Amazing stuff.

Lastly the highlight for me was hearing it for the first time with Michelle. Its fun experiencing some B7 with her and not knowing whats going to happen.
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A terrific new addition. It was great to hear the full cast in a mission again.

The actors are amazing me as they get back into there roles and improving with each release.

With the Liberator Chronicles the actors seem a touch indifferent, however put them all together again and something extra special happens.

Throughout the years I've heard a number of interviews and recently seen a lot of interviews thanks to fellow fans putting them on Youtube or making them available for purchase via DVD releases.

All actors seem to mention time and time again that they all worked well together and that seems to be the main strength of the group. Battleground highlights this really well as did Fractures. Of main note is that Gareth's voice seems to be improving on each release and I was picturing Blake very distinctly in this release.

Appearing in a Federation training exercise filled with Federation guards everywhere had to happen eventually.

Looking forward to the next part of this adventure and I'm curious if it's to be written by the same author.
Space Chopper
Great story, with a cliff-hanger ending. Dan Starkey was brilliant as Ferrell, I could really imagine his weasely Federation officer quite vividly, and Mikalov was a sympathetic character- so of course she wouldn't live for long! Just how big was that command vehicle, to have several decks?! I was imagining some kind of super-sized tank from a Warhammer 40K game on steroids! I shall wait for Drones with bated breath!
Vila: "I plan to live forever- or die trying..."
Joe Dredd
I hated the Federation officer character. He seemed totally one dimensional, arrogantly pouring scorn and doomed to get his come-uppance.

I agree with Spaceresearcher about GT's voice. Although the lines aren't always Blake-like, he's sounding much more like the man of old (or "of young"!).
Spaceship Dispatcher
Just listened to thi full cast drama and thought it was absolutely superb! Sharp dialogue, memorable guest characters, a simple plot explored in a progressive way, action divided between the mission and other challenges faced by those left on the Liberator, a downbeat ending that revolves around the almost accidental death of the very person they went to the planet to find, action on a limited scale that could be achieved on a modest budget, futuristic technology that's interesting without turning out to have some quasi-mystical power holding Universe together... this was pretty close the formula that the original show was based upon. The cast were all great, and the regulars seemed to enjoy delivering the obviously nostalgic lines about force walls and the like. Dan Starkey was in his element with not only most of his comedy militiristic lines being almost written for Commander Strax, but he also puts on his Strax voice to deliver them! Jenna gets to fly the Liberator, and there's also a nice reference to her life before the rebellion. Production wise, this is how I like audio drama best: performances first, sound effects a distant second. Looking forward to getting 1.3 soon. 8/10
Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. I bet that means something. It sounds great.

Blake's 7: Trojan Horse (s4 fanfic) - Blake's 7: Through the Needle's Eye (s2 fanfic)

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