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Started: 09 July 2016

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Gareth Thomas 1945 - 2016
An actor who appeared in so many of the best tv progs of my childhood: Children of the Stones and Blakes 7 - later Sherlock Holmes and tons of other dramas ( One of my favourites was Shadows series one - After School).

Sadly missed - I hope he and his family know how much he meant to so many fans over the years.
Much as I felt when Patrick Macnee - Steed in The Avengers - passed away earlier this year, this is such a sad piece of news. Blake's 7 remains one of the greatest pieces of British drama and it WAS better in the first two seasons with Gareth Thomas' Blake in it. He leant the character a sense of...'graceful, dogged arrogance', perhaps. On one level, he will live on through this role, each time one of us watches the series. RIP.
Edited by Rodney on 14 April 2016 11:23:21
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Joe Dredd
BBC news report: Click.
Very shocked and saddened by the news. Have been out of the loop for a while, busy with life, and only just coming to terms with Paul Darrow's illness, though he seems to have bounced back well. Then this. Very sad indeed. RIP Gareth and sincere condolences to his family.
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Devastating news, condolences to his wife Linda, his family and his friends.
Someone sent me this image (unsure whence):

As someone on twitter said: "Gan, bring me up" (awwwww)

Mourn.... but still Rebel On
Maximum Power
Always dreaded this day - a fine actor and a generous man - enjoyed meeting him at several conventions. RIP Gareth and thoughts with his family.
Edited by Maximum Power on 14 April 2016 15:49:37
BBC news report: Click.
. Given that Gareth was a mainstay of so many great BBC programmes ( when the BBC was brave, innovative and special) this is hardly an adequate tribute and I resent bitterly the cheap, sideways swipe at B7. 10 million viewers BBC and still remembered! And a good deal of that down to Gareth, ( without whom there is no Blake - which is still barely sinking in.)
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
No, no, no, no, no. It isn't true - sorry only place for me right now is denial.

Deepest and sincere condolences to his family. :-(
Edited by Tyce on 14 April 2016 15:46:55

I hate 2016.
Such terribly sad news. Reading through all the messages in this post has brought tears to my eyes again - what a larger than life character, and what a tremendous actor. My deepest condolences to Linda and all his loved ones. Hopefully there will be some consolation in knowing that the ether is abuzz with loving memories and thoughts by so many heads and hearts all over the world. Truly deserved, too. RIP, Gareth.
'I'm a free trader.'
Gareth as Blake was the first person to show me how truly frightening a man with a mission could be. A great actor ... 2016 is shaping up to the year my formative heroes died.
All the best leave us.

Michael Sheard. The original 'Bum Actor', Mr. Bronson, Klegg, Hitler, Lawrence Scarman, Admiral Ozzel. All round gent and wonderful man

Patrick Macnee. Another gent sadly missed. The avengers, New Avengers, and Battlestar Galactica wouldn't have been the same without him.

And now Gareth Thomas. Unfairly remembered mainly for "Blake's 7" by many, but capable of so much more, as illustrated by his performances in "London's Burning", "Knights of God", and "Star Maidens".

Another real gent, as others have said. It has been my honour to have met them all, and my privilege to have bought a drink for Michael and Gareth at different times.
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Heres a photo of me with Gareth Thomas from a convention in 2009. I remember meeting up with some fans and we went to the pub for a drink.

Cant seem to get the image to display so heres a link
Edited by Inquisitor on 14 April 2016 17:39:35
Nice obit in the Guardian :

Edited by Spaceship Dispatcher on 14 April 2016 18:46:16
trevor travis

That's a nice piece. And I notice the Hugbot lurking at the back of the photo.
MrsMrOlag wrote:
I wonder if we can arrange for donations to be made in Gareth's name to a charity of significance in lieu of flowers etc? British Heart Foundation or some such. I feel quite helpless and would like to do something kind in his memory, as he was such a kind man himself.

Thank you for suggesting this, MrsMrOlag. The Supreme Commander asked Linda (Gareth's wife) about this, and Linda has asked if donations could be made to Alzheimer's Research UK. Details are on a new thread here:
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Sad Sad Sad
Don´t be Lasagne
Such lovely messages on this thread...I've been comforted greatly by it. *group hug*

My first reaction this morning was one of utter shock and I couldn't help myself from feeling numb and shedding a few tears. In fact I had to nip straight into the loo when I walked into work to compose myself again. Telling myself, "come on, he wouldn't have wanted this!" And it's true he wouldn't, but I still feel sad and I'm welling up again now...

As other's have already said, he was a lovely, kind man who always made time for people and not just the B7 fans either. I've read some lovely tributes from other actors with whom he worked in theatre etc.

Having had the pleasure of spending more than just a fleeting moment at an autograph queue with him, in the form of his guest appearance at RTGP1 in October 2011 and a pub lunch after a signing in Barking in 2012, I really enjoyed his company, mischievous sense of humour and his ability to chat to just 'anyone'. He made me feel completely at ease in his presence, no pretences or loftiness, he was the 'real deal'.

I feel incredibly proud to have been part of a team that organised an event graced by Gareth's presence and it's an experience I will never forget. I also feel privileged to have been able to see his last stage production, Cadfael. Whilst not his favourite work piece, I did at least get to see him perform live and again is something I will treasure.

Gareth, it was a pleasure to have sat at the same table and 'broken bread' with you. RIP
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