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Started: 09 July 2016

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Gareth Thomas 1945 - 2016
Travisina, I'm pleased to hear that the service was so nice and a richly deserved tribute to Gareth. He touched all our lives, not just in his work, but just by being himself and a 'thoroughly nice chap'.
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the wise reject what they think.
Thank you Travisina for letting us know.
It sounds as though it was a wonderful service so befitting such a lovely man.
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Ah lovely. I wish I could have gone but I'm glad we were all represented so well and thoroughly. I shall look toward to reading the report very much!
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
trevor travis
Sounds like it was a nice and befitting service.
Thanks for the update Travisina, good to hear he was sent off well.

Here is to Gareth, such a lovely man who has left such a great legacy.

Vila - "I plan to live forever - or die trying"
Thank you Travisina and Supreme Commander for attending; it is good to know we were all represented at the service. Also nice to hear that some of his co-stars were able to speak. I look forward to seeing the scrapbooks in due course.
Supreme Commander
As Travisina has said, it was a lovely service in a beautiful old church. Stephen read and Paul and Michael spoke beautifully, and movingly, about their dear friend Gareth. Sally would also have been there but wasn't able to attend as she is overseas on holiday, and Brian and Jacqueline had work commitments but all sent their love to Linda. Other fans who got to know Gareth well via Horizon & many events & theatre outings were also invited to the service & reception.

My mum (who had got to know Gareth & Linda well over the years) and I also went to the committal and I can tell you that I have never seen such a beautiful cemetery - all bright plants & flowers and the most stunning, magnificent view up a hill. Somewhere tranquil and beautiful for dear Gareth to rest peacefully and for Linda, and Glyn - Gareth's son, to visit.

It was a very emotional day, following two very emotional weeks and I thank Travisina for all her hard work putting the obituary together and putting together the tributes you'll soon see up on the site. I want to let you know that Linda and Glyn were very touched by all your kind words and the realisation that we all share in their loss and for those of us privileged to have met him, some on many occasions, feel we have lost a friend - part of the Blake's 7 family.

Today's 'Last Word' programme on BBC Radio 4 at 4pm (repeated on Sunday 1st May at 8.30pm) includes a segment on Gareth. I'm just about to listen to it when I finish typing this. His oldest friend, Roy, was interviewed and has some lovely reminiscences to share. I was also approached to contribute but in the end they decided they had more than enough from Roy but you can read some of my own memories in the above mentioned forthcoming tribute feature.

Thanks to everyone who has already sent in donations in Gareth's memory which will be passed to the Alzheimer's Society at Linda's request. I will reply to you all personally very soon. I'm going to be making some special Gareth items available for raffle/sale in aid of this memorial fund as soon as I get the chance to sort it out and will let you know the details, but they include a pile of posters from Gareth's last theatrical appearance, playing Cadfael on UK tour, which he signed for me with the intention that proceeds would go to charity. Little did I know when he was signing them that those very items would be raising money for charity in his memory.
Dear Supreme Commander and Travisina, What a lot of effort you've gone to on our behalf. I know you would have wanted to do this anyway for your friend but it must have taken a toll.
Thank you,
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Thank you Supreme Commander and Travisina for all your hard work during the last few stress-filled weeks, and for representing us at Gareth's funeral. It sounded like a lovely tribute to a much loved and admired man. Bless.
Thank you Travisina and Supreme Commander for being there to say good bye to Gareth, and to pass on the fans' best wishes to Gareth's family and friends.
It was lovely to hear about the beautiful service and commemorations.
Was fortunate enough to catch Last Word on Radio 4 coming home in the car today. The last segment, with audio clips, commentary and the B7 music . It may seem odd but to have the BBC acknowledge this great actor this way helped with my closure. Given what Gareth and the series did for the BBC I was glad his contribution was acknowledged this way.
Supreme Commander wrote:
Today's 'Last Word' programme on BBC Radio 4 at 4pm (repeated on Sunday 1st May at 8.30pm) includes a segment on Gareth.

You can listen to it here, from about 23mins 10secs: Last Word
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
Just stumbled across this sad news. Sigh. Another piece of my childhood gone. Rest in Peace Gareth and thanks...
Thank you so much Supreme Commander and Travisina for representing the fans at Gareth`s funeral and for your information about the service.
Thank you for being there for us
My thanks also to Travisina and the Supreme Commander for representing us all at the funeral.

Meanwhile, I am just listening to R4Extra; a programme about John Osbourne. To my delight, and sadness, guess whos narrating? Its just a 15 minute segment, but I believe its part of a serial which started yesterday and may well run all week.

Thanks Travisina and Supreme Commander for representing us and letting us know about the service, and for running this website so we can share our memories and feelings.

The Last Word was a lovely tribute as well, and went some way towards making up for BBC news reporting about a sniffer dogs hunting sausage but not the death of an SF Icon, wtf.
Have only just read about this, very sad news and far too young!
Oh my, what very sad news.
As a big B7 fan who has only just found, and joined, this website today, i have only just learnt the news of Gareths death, back in April. He was one of my biggest idols, and as Blake, a truely intelligent childhood hero of mine. I'm just about to watch the final episode "Blake" as way of a late tribute, to a man i honestly regard, as a great loss for Britain. He had great intelligence, and a compassionate heart for people.

I shall mourn for the rest of the day, no doubt. R.I.P. Mr Thomas.

Neil C
meegat39 wrote:

Welcome back Neil! I've missed your brand of nonsense! Wink

I can see why Avon was always so keen on you Meegat Wink
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