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Started: 09 July 2016

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Gareth Thomas 1945 - 2016
Very, very sad to announce that Gareth Thomas died this morning of heart failure. He had been unwell recently, and was in hospital having tests.

Linda, Gareth's wife, has asked if any personal messages of condolence could please be sent via the Supreme Commander, using the 'Contact' tab at the top of the website or by email to horizonb7@dsl.pipex.com. If anyone wants to sent a card, please address these c/o Diane Gies, 37 Linton Avenue, Borehamwood, Herts WD6 4RB.

Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
President Solvite
Sad but not unexpected, have been fearing this day for some time.
An iconic actor who remained a memorable figure throughout my childhood.

I remember with great fondness his performances in plays, television, audios and his generosity at conventions not just with his time but happy to buy people a drink, chat and thank them for supporting him over the years.

I still remember with great fondness of being stuck with him and David Jackson in a lift at the Deliverance '98 Convention. We're were slightly late for a talk but I figured we were good as he had a full packet of cigarettes and his pint glass was at least half full! Meant we were good for a while! Smile

He was looking more frail in recent years, but nevertheless `still gave his time to fans, signed items upon request and was happy to talk and engage with every attendee.

*pours a drink*

Cheers Gareth, thankyou for your time, and your devotion to all of your fans.

Rest in Peace.
Edited by President Solvite on 13 April 2016 23:06:44
I am saddened by the news of this loss.
Last weekend I heard of him being in hospital and I had been thinking fondly of him since.
Now my thoughts are with his wife and family.

Thank you, Gareth, and rest in peace.
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories and *my PD as Kerr Avon Tribute*
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
So, so sad.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Heartbreaking news. Still digesting it. Such a lovely human being. I'm fortunate to have met him and... Sorry.
I wonder if we can arrange for donations to be made in Gareth's name to a charity of significance in lieu of flowers etc? British Heart Foundation or some such. I feel quite helpless and would like to do something kind in his memory, as he was such a kind man himself.
I send my love and sympathies.
Spaceship Dispatcher
Very sad news indeed.

The original leading man of Blake's 7 in The Way Back, the memorable Adam Brake in cult classic Children of the Stones, and Kalendorf in the first two series of the landmark Dalek Empire audio series. A guest at the first Return to Gauda Prime convention and the first Cygnus Alpha event. A great loss to his personal family of course, and his wider family in Blake's 7 fandom. President Solvite mentioned Gareth's social side, and I was privileged to share a drink with Gareth Thomas, Michael Keating, and a small gathering of Horizon members after an early Big Finish day. Very sad.
RIP, Gareth. I am fortunate enough to have met him back in 2011 (Return to Gauda Prime 1), and am glad to have left a positive impression on him during the Q&A session. I will be recording a song in memoriam to Gareth in the coming days. I just want to quote one of my favourite songs here, it seems appropriate for the occasion.

"One by one, only the good die young - they're only flying too close to the Sun - crying for nothing, crying for no-one... no-one but you."

Riposa in pace, Gareth. Sad Pace all'anima tua.
Edited by sweevo on 13 April 2016 22:59:04
Such sad sad news. I met him in 1981/82 when I wanted to get his autograph and my mother ended up pushing me towards him because I was so shy. I've got lots of autographs in my book over the years and his is my favourite.

Silly I know, but first thing I thought of.

RIP Gareth.
Shocked to the core and very saddened. Such a lovely man, it was a privilege to meet him at Brit Sci Fi. He stood chatting for quite a while after the other cast members have gone. So sociable yet humble.
GARETH THOMAS: Paul is a very generous man, as a human being and as an actor. The programme couldn’t have been made if we hadn’t got on. Our working relationship was magic.
Awful and very sad news. We knew he wasn't well, but I still wasn't expecting this.
I only met him once, at Brit Scifi, but he was a lovely man and very generous with his time. Thinking of his family and friends. Very sad when our heroes die, but his memory will live on with us.
Oh no - just logged on and saw this news. Very sad! My thoughts are with his family.
RIP Gareth, brilliant actor, a man who lived life to the fullest, had an ice cream with him at Longleat.
Goodbye Blake...
Major Thala
Seems very sad to post I am a new member and on notification of the death of GT. I can't say I ever met Gareth Thomas, but after having met so many wonderful people at Cgynus Alpha, Saturday last...if it was not for him(and others) that made such a wonderful,entertaining series that was not afraid to stretch the grey cells I would not be here now

RIP Gareth Thomas and may your passing over The Rim be with ease to the world's beyond
I only met Gareth once, twenty years ago at Who's 7. He was a gent who adored his fans. He insisted on buying drinks for those of us who'd made it as far as the bar that evening and shared his warm company and stories with us. I only just heard "Warship" a few days ago and hearing Gareth's final line "I'm coming back" sent chills down my spine. He will be sadly and sorely missed Sad
It feels like a punch to the gut! I had hoped (and prayed) all would be well.

My thoughts are with his family and friends.

I will remember Gareth Thomas as a true gentleman, always gracious to his fans. I will cherish his appearance at Cygnus Alpha 1 in 2015 and I will honour his memory every time I watch him in a role on DVD.

Blake's 7 fandom is a family; scattered across the globe - mourning, and yet able to share stories and memories about a man who will forever remain in my/our hearts.

RIP Mr Thomas
Angry Angel
Such sad news, he really was such a lovely man, with so much time for the fans. I really enjoyed chatting to him at RTGP 1, he was very easy to talk to. Thank you Gareth, for making Blake a fascinating and three-dimensional character.
This is shocking and saddening news. It is consoling to hear friends and fellow fans talking of how lovely Gareth Thomas was. I met him a couple of times at conventions in the early '00s, enjoying most of all one of the smaller-group "coffee mornings" where you could really be close enough to chat rather than hurl questions and answers across an auditorium (bars are okay but can be noisy) and I know he was a very sensitive and intelligent man, concerned that he was giving good "value" (in the days before conventions charged for every little thing) not in terms of money but of friendliness and openness with the people who wanted to talk to him.

Actors can be shy being themselves and not enacting a different persona on stage or screen and I admired his bravery. His care for other people was evident in the attention he paid to everyone, and even to my dumb questions. In turn, he later asked me (the only person passing by) if I knew how the cigarette machine worked in the hotel - I was tempted to reply with Vila's get-out from the London: "not that type".

I'll raise a cool glass of the finest white wine to him tonight in his honour. My first human television hero!
Edited by Frankymole on 14 April 2016 02:10:32
Gauda Cheese
So many people who have made a deep impression on me are dying. Sad news
Awful news, i'm devastated. I've been a huge fan of Blakes 7 from the start and I've been lucky enough to meet the man himself. He was such a nice guy, when you were in his presence it was like you were one of his oldest friends, just a good, honest, decent, very friendly man.

Such great work, Children of the Stones, Star Maidens, Knights if God, Torchwood, etc, etc.

I'm privileged to have known him for even a brief time and I'll be watching him till my very own last days on earth.

My sympathies to his friends and family.
Joe Dredd
RIP Gareth. Thanks for entertaining me so well all these years and for turning out to be a true gent when I met you in person.

You leave an enormous hole in our hearts, and in future BF audios, that can never be filled.
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