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Started: 09 July 2016

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Board Poll - Who is Your Favourite S2 Federation Character (Apart from Travis and Servalan)
President Solvite
Who is your favourite character, crumbs! So many to choose from, as we have so many strong characters and storylines..

Rontane returns from Season 1, but since we have so many other contenders, I have lumped his votes to the other option..

But I think others may beat him this season..

Discuss one's thoughts here and vote away Grin
Dr Bellfriar and Trooper Parr deserves a great deal of consideration, but for me this is a one horse race, won by Carnell thanks to Scott Frederick's amazing performance.

There are so many directions Scott could have gone with Carnell.

What is it like to know everything.... Rather boring actually.
trevor travis
I've voted for Carnell, and have things crossed that Big Finish will bring back both him and Babe.
Edited by trevor travis on 21 February 2016 21:12:13
trevor travis
Poor Coser. Not only a Beta grade, and killed by his own weapon, but also left out of the poll. Kick a man when he's down. Grin Grin

EDIT: Servie will be disappointed that her 'powder puff' isn't in the poll Wink I'm relieved that Governor-Le-Can't-Act isn't on the list though Grin
Edited by trevor travis on 21 February 2016 21:16:52
President Solvite
Carnell (Scott) is superb in the Kaldor City Audios... Actually so is everyone! Brian, Paul, David etc..

Hmm its tricky... Cozer was on the short list but technically speaking he was against the Federation by the time we saw him which arguably excludes him from this particular poll.
Spaceship Dispatcher
Dr Bellfriar

Carnell would have got my vote a couple of years ago because of the actor and the performance; but as a character I find Carnell lacking in charisma and ineffectual at his job in the one mission we see his involvement in. Someone said recently that it would have been interesting to see Carnell as a semi-regular villain in the first half of series 2, so that we could see more of how he works, and kept Travis for the last few episodes when Stephen Greif would have been back. It's a fantasy alternate version of Blake's 7 with a lot of merit, though I would still want another unhinged Federation officer for Brian Croucher to have played! But with only what we have, Carnell's brief moment of ineptitude (his plan is the dumbest plan ever) doesn't earn my vote any longer...
Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. I bet that means something. It sounds great.

Blake's 7: Trojan Horse (s4 fanfic) - Blake's 7: Through the Needle's Eye (s2 fanfic)

Spaceship Dispatcher's fanfic site
trevor travis
Spaceship Dispatcher wrote:his plan is the dumbest plan ever

Erm, excuse me, but surely attacking Central Control with no back-up wins that prize Grin

Or Travis's convoluted Hooded Claw-type plan in Project Avalon Wink

Or Avon's various plans in Assassin, which progressively get more loopy as the episode progresses (with the result that Soolin has to save his bacon) Grin

Thinking about it, B7's various plans were never that cunning!!
The reason we never had a cunning plan in Blake's 7, TT, is that we didn't have Baldrick in the series.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
trevor travis
BradPaula wrote:

The reason we never had a cunning plan in Blake's 7, TT, is that we didn't have Baldrick in the series.

There's certainly a lack of plans so cunning, that you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Servie's plans are probably the most cunning, but even those go frequently wrong.
mmm... I would have gone for Carnell in the first place. I like this character's skills and the part that was written for him.

However, recently I started thinking of feeding Littlesue an idea for a story in which Tynus has a part. Thinking of him and his involvement in Avon's past could make me vote for Tynus. Then, after some thinking I decline: Tynus was a betrayer, that makes it impossible for me to vote for him....

My namesake is on the list too, which opens another thought....
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories and *my PD as Kerr Avon Tribute*
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Bellfriar, Provine, Coser
Angry Angel
I can't decide between Carnell (great charisma), Dr Bellfriar (same, and very sympathetic), Durkim (seems like a humane civil servant type), and Lurena (coping well with a very scary situation).
Pffft, Carnell - easy choice. Probably an unpopular opinion but he was the main reason I kept listening to the Kaldor City audios. *wince*. And sure he messed up in the one episode he was in - I like him anyway. Pfft

SD - I like the idea of a 'Carnell as a semi-regular bad guy' AU... It would be a very different take on things - you have Travis taking this vendetta he has against Blake super personally, and then Carnell on the other end of the spectrum as very dispassionate about what he's doing. He likes his job, but there isn't a whole lot that is personal about it. It's just his job.
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President Solvite
Carnell certainly is interesting...

But I voted for Bellfriar.. Smile
I think Carnell should have been the main antagonist of Season 2.
President Solvite
Indeed, possibly the person responsible for 'retraining' Travis and indeed maybe behind the scenes in later episodes.

Carnell is a great character and is fantastic in the Kaldor City audios too.
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