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Started: 09 July 2016

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Welcome to our first Valentine's Day Thread!

Romantically inclined fans are invited to post Valentine ficlets, poems, songs, artwork, jokes etc here.

The usual guidelines apply:

1. All submissions must comply with Horizon's PG-13 family friendly policy, so no adult or R-rated content, please.
2. Valentines and other declarations of undying love should be addressed to the B7 characters, and not to the actors who portrayed them.

The thread will be open until 15th February.

Have fun!

Grateful thanks to Horizon member Goldchannel for suggesting this activity.
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Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
Valentine cards sent by the crews of the Liberator and Scorpio. I'll post one a day. Guess the writers - it's extremely easy to do so!

The roses I give
Grew in Winter, not Spring.
Their thorns are all
That remain and still live.
Together? Ah never
Until honest men
Can speak free of fear and
Love freely again.

I send this to you, Valentine.
Until I win, you can't be mine.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Once, long ago, at the time he was a lecturer, someone sent him a rose….

A flash of silver

She had not seen such a man for a long time, nor had she welcomed any physical contact with anyone.
It all went too fast.

Before she knew it they had collided and ended up on the floor. Just a flash of silver, the outdoor cold still clinging to it, the feigned cold inside of it.

Oh yes, she had read the reports, the updates that were spread by Federation’s Security Department.
Warning and descriptions of heavy equipped rebels.

Walking behind him through Star One’s corridors she realised she recognised the face and the voice which had been recorded by the Federation’s cameras.

How often had she been watching those videos over again to make sure to be prepared for a possible attack. Then, one man in particular aroused her interest.
How did he come that far? She recognised him from long ago, the lectures in computer technology all elected scientists had to attend. He was a brilliant lecturer, she admired him for his clear explanations and his wit. He brought the best out of her and she passed her exam cum laude.

She remembered the proud sparkle in his big brown-golden eyes when he handed her certificate, saying: “I have done it very well.” That’s the way he was, proud of his skill, proud of his achievements. But the eyes showed otherwise: the admiration for her and her proficiency.
Secretly she expected that also he showed, maybe, some interest in her as a female, after all he was a man.
A very special man…

But then, at that time one Durkim tried to win her.
Although she enjoyed being attractive, Durkim turned out to be not all over the kind of man she desired.

And Durkim spoiled it. It was at the graduation party that she tried to start a conversation with the lecturers, the Brown-Eyed one in particular. But then Durkim intervened and caused her to miss the opportunity to interact with the Special One forever, because he noticed Durkim’s attitude and discreetly turned away.

It confused her. Unfulfilled desire? Silly secret love? What if the Brown- Eyed already had been engaged to someone else? She closed her mind in shame and tried to get over it.
However, in the end it had been crucial to her decision to sign up for the Star One Project.

Now he was here, the Special One.

His eyes filled with fire, commanding her to give away information.
Oh, she wanted to obey, she honestly did, but she could not. The conditioned mind blocked her.
She felt helpless and sad when he shook her.

He didn’t remember her, didn’t mention her name. Or did he, but was he in haste and despair?

Someone told him about her being mentally conditioned and his eyes and voice softened.
That moment, with his hand on her shoulder, he was contemplating her and seemed to recognise her somehow, but nameless.
His “Come on” sounded warm and tender to her.

He trusted her.
He asked her to take care of Blake when he and Cally went to remove the explosive devices.

They were good people, not at all the image spread by the Federation, they meant good for humanity.
She didn’t hesitate when Blake told her there was one forgotten explosive left in Section Four.

She had been in love all those years and she was willing to die for him.
And he will never know, but where ever he will go, where ever he may be…
Her last thoughts in a flash of silver, before all went black:
“Kerr Avon, I love you so….”

Lurena unfortunately this website doesn't do hearts but I did 'heart' your story about your avatar so much! A lovely, clever way to send a Valentine.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
You had to have a "valentine" about your namesake! Nice one.
Paul Valentine Darrow...
i need to get some felt-tip pens and then I can complete my entry... I was hoping to have it done by today!

I love insights into characters' back-stories, and Lurena that one is great! It took me quite by surprise.

love, love, love!!!
hmmm...I spent the first half of January doing drawings for a kiss challenge - so I kind of celebrated Valentine's a month early XD I'll try to come up with something...

The posts so far though are so sweet!
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Joe Dredd
rojkerr1 wrote:

Paul Valentine Darrow...

Oh, that's excellent. Paul Valentine B----- even!
Rare rose at a price
I offer a few.
You may take if you think
It's offered to you.
Be wary however,
My loyalty scorn
And I'll leave you forever
Alone and forlorn.

I send this to you, Valentine.
Risk it all if you'd be mine.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Brilliant Brad!
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Blimey...it makes B7 look like a hotbed of....er, yes well. Uncle Vere must have missed all that going on!!!
I see you didn't put the 'Sick Friend' from Deathwatch on.
And Jenna did get a hug...once.
But aside from that, what a nice wholesome family show it was......
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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Great stuff, everybody!

@Anniew - I'm enjoying your cryptic Valentines. I'm guessing the first is Blake and the second is Jenna?
@Lurena - a Valentine from Lurena to Avon, how apt! And the story ends tragically, in true B7 fashion.
@rojkerr - I wondered if anybody would remember Paul's middle name!
@Brad - Brilliant, that almost caused another porridge/keyboard interface moment this morning!
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
There's no point being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes
Yep Travisina! Since I've written one for loads of B7 characters and (nearly) the kitchen sink, I hope you'll still be enjoying them when the challenge comes to an end!!!
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Thank you all for the kind comments to Lurena's story.
@Anniew I'm eagerly looking forward to your next contributions!
@rojkerr that thought crossed my mind too and your posting, so simple, made me smile the whole day...
@Oh Brad! That's a great compilation. Indeed, Jenna 's got a hug once. I wonder if Auron people actually have the same needs we humans have?
Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Littlesue and I like to share with you:

The Flower

“You are undoubtedly the sexiest officer I have ever known. Goodbye, Servalan.”
Servalan smiled and picked up the flower…
Now she understood…

She had no idea where it had come from.
Or how it had got there; in her own, very private office.
Her questions as to who was responsible were met with a wall of silence.
No-one would admit to seeing or hearing anything, and yet it was here.
There was no note; no writing, no clue as to who was the sender of the mysterious box.

Her fingers slowly prised the lid from the box to reveal, nestled on a bed of beautiful white silk, a flower.
A flower unlike any other that she had ever seen.
It was red, deep red, its petals forming a twin trumpet of such a delicate nature that it seemed as if it would shatter at the merest touch.
She hesitated.

Gently she lifted the flower.
It seemed so lifelike and its fragrance was something she could not understand. This flower was unreal, yet whatever mineral it was fashioned from was imbued with a heady fragrance.
She twirled it around as if in childlike wonder and its perfume assailed her again.

Then she saw it; a small white card, edged in silver, with writing upon it. No, not writing, but an embossed message.
She lifted it from its resting place and ran her fingertips over the raised letters.
“This precious antiquity is an original preserved Lycoris radiata from the Earth. A Symbol of longing and loss.”
It was signed ‘From An Admirer’

She had had admirers ever since she could remember, but none had ever announced their interest in such a manner.
Perhaps this was how ‘things’ were done in this stratum of society. Now that she had attained the position of Supreme Commander, perhaps now she would find herself at the centre of such admiration.

She smiled and held the flower close to her cheek. It wasn’t cold to the touch and was strangely reassuring.
Not even the one she once loved, Don Keller, had sent her flowers.

Servalan blinked back a tear, when was the last time she felt the warmth of the Earth's sun, or lifted her face to the heavens, and laughed with the joy of being in love?
That psychostrategist, he knew; understood her wants; her needs.
Was it possible to find love again?
She allowed herself a faint smile.

Edited by Lurena on 02 February 2016 09:55:59
Ooh Lurena. Clever prefiguring for Kairos and Sand! I like it! ( coincidentally I'm working on a Carnell/ Servalan thing for the Feb challenge.)
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.

we KNOW there is a woman underneath that cold exterior.... that story really touches on everything WE the viewers get to see but the rest of the Federation and the other characters rarely glimpse

as I say, beautiful, Lurena Smile
A Rose for an Auronar

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