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Started: 09 July 2016

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Gambit is the episode that proves to me that Robert Holmes is to sci-fi fiction writing what Salvador Dali was to painting.
Briggsy1 I wish Horizen posts had a like button! Cos I like your post.
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Anniew wrote:
Briggsy1 I wish Horizon posts had a like button! Cos I like your post.
Very clever, Briggsy1!
Gambit is my favorite episode! Krantor and Toise, Servalan in red (!!!), Avon and Vila's ~secret casino heist~, Jenna and Cally's fake fighting, Travis looking like he walked out of a Goth Spaghetti Western Costume Party... oh man I could go on for ages...

I also have a habit of showing it to friends if they've never seen B7 before... it's probably not the *best* choice for the 'this is what the show is like', but even people with little-to-no context of the show itself seem to enjoy it when I show it to them. So I figure if they never watch an ep of the show again, they at least liked Gambit...
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Could small Orac be the explanation for his disappearance in Blake? Anyone know how long he could remain small?
Just because I can't sing doesn't mean I won't.
Anniew wrote:

Could small Orac be the explanation for his disappearance in Blake? Anyone know how long he could remain small?

well anything would be a better disguise than a few leaves and twigs!
You can clearly see Orac in Vila's lap as they take off in the speeder, but they don't have it when they confront Blake. They left Orac in the boot.
Just watched (first post BTW) this episode, It is certainy different, and the plot is impossible to follow. I enjoyed it though, not the best B7 but it keeps you watching.
Welcome to the forum, Dragon32!

Will you join us tomorrow for 'The Keeper'? 9.30am UK time.
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Gambit is one of my absolute favourites. The set design is particular good and I like the sub plot of Avon & Villa at the casino. Cracking stuff!
I think the subplot with Avon, Vila and Orac is actually superior and more interesting than the main "The Search for Docholli" plot with Blake, Jenna and Cally. Also, I've noticed that despite both parties being in the casino on Freedom City, they never meet or run into each other, which makes the ending doubly hilarious. Smile
President Solvite
If the complex is as big as its supposed to be I'm not surprised that the crew didn't bump into each other having been to several large conference centres (which can host more than one major event) around Europe I find that aspect of the plot plausible.

Orac shrinking however , well maybe its all to do with quantum structure, who knows? Its like a medieval knight trying to understand the workings of an internal combustion engine.
Gambit is also a favourite episode of mine too. For me, it is one that stands out as refreshingly different, for all the reasons mentioned by many of you. I used to know Harry Jones, who played Jarriere, for a time...but he kept forgetting my name! There used to be a great nightclub on Cowley Road, Oxford, called The Zodiac, back in the 90's. I would see him there, and half drunk would exchange chat about B7, The Sweeney, and other shows he appeared in.

I would like to have seen more appearences of Jarriere together with Servelan, as they worked well together. Sometimes, guest minor characters can make a story so much more memorable!
I have been in Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling and it reminded me of this episode. Freedom City seems based on Monte Carlo mixed with New Orleans though. I think Space City with the Terra Nostra mob was supposed to be Las Vegas.
It is an excellent episode,light in character but with dark undertones throughout,Doccolli is a fine character and Krantor and Toise are well drawn,some very good dialogue and a good come-uppance for Krantor

“What happened Toise??”
‘I’ll tell you what happened Krantor,you blew it!!!’

A very fine episode indeed.
But why do Avon and Vila have to take Orac down to Freedom City at all? Why can't it stay onboard & read the Big Wheel's computer from the safety of the Liberator? Like, if Orac can read computers from halfway across the galaxy (as it's said IIRC somewhere in Blake's7*), reading one from stationary orbit should be easy/possible for it - yes? no?

*Forget where - someone remind me?
o yes, I'm a hero too...I can see it shining from your one yellow eye...!
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