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Started: 09 July 2016

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Joe Dredd
It's the same in English...

we are talking about a rubber of Bridge, right? (or as they called it in B7, a rubber of Flight Deck).
Joe Dredd wrote:

It's the same in English...

OK. I learned something today. Wink

we are talking about a rubber of Bridge, right? (or as they called it in B7, a rubber of Flight Deck).

Lara&Sue's Blake's 7 stories and *my PD as Kerr Avon Tribute*
*No, I am not. I am not expendable, I'm not stupid, and I'm not going.*
Vanessa Doffenshmirtz
The Oscar for Best Supporting Performance by a Rubber Duck goes to

I used to be such a sweet sweet thing
Till they got a hold of me.
Nothing to offer all you duckies except this little fellow... [img]i.imgur.com/2kQrjBk.jpg[/img]

Spotted thanks to endless repeats: Souad Faress (Selma 'Horizon'Wink in Silent Witness S.13 Ep.4 as mentally disturbed patient, Diomanda Yannis.

I thought Ro and Selma made a beautiful pair.
Edited by Obsidian on 08 February 2020 11:11:02
Don't philosophise at me you electronic moron!GrinFrown
Mixed feelings at the inaugural WABA Society meeting.
(Women Abandoned By Avon) ...

Anyone know the context of this Tom Chadbon photo?


Photographer Frazer Ashford is asking:

Beast must die?
Paula will know
Bruce Purchase in Mary Queen of Scots
This morning on Talking Pictures...What a Whopper!! screenplay by a certain Mr Terry Nation, with Adam Faith as Tony BLAKE and another chap as his best friend VerNON.
Even Hubby was laughing at what was going on and at the jokes in the script!!!
It was about the Loch Ness Monster...and guess what the Monster did turn up at the end...and winked at the camera!!!!
Oh yes, and a singer came on the radio called Eden Charity...AKA Adam Faith (Garden of Eden and faith Hope and Charity. Well done Mr N!)
Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

sues stories http://sjlittle.w...
sues youtube channel http://www.youtub...e54/videos
sues book shelf https://www.media...ne%20Shelf
rebel run video http://www.youtub...prqS-XZtLo
Lara and Sue's Stories http://lectorisal....webs.com/
Joe Dredd
Joe Dredd wrote:

Ring ring!

Ring ring!

Hello? What's that? I need to give equal time to Gareth in a drama with David Daker? Er, I'll see what I can do!

Dogfood Dan and the Carmarthen Cowboy, Yorkshire Television 1982

By David Nobbs (Reggie Perrin, etc).

This story is included as an extra on Network's release of "A Bit of a Do", also by David Nobbs.


As usual, click the images to enlarge them. Click them again to make them even bigger.
Joe Dredd
Aubrey Owen (Gareth Thomas) and Dan Milton (David Daker) are truck drivers. Aubrey transports dogfood from Carmarthen to Hull, and Dan transports dogfood from Hull to Carmarthen. They meet up in a motorway transport caf(e) halfway along their route.

Joe Dredd
Aubrey is very keen on literature, world affairs and, ah, trying to have an affair of his own. Despite his confident and poetic tales of love and conquest, he doesn't seem to be very successful. Which is just as well, as he's a married man.

Joe Dredd
Inspired by Aubrey's tales, Dan meets a friendly lady named Myfanwy, who convinces him to dance with her.

The next day, Aubrey is full of (invented) tales of his night out, while Dan is mostly quiet.

Joe Dredd
It's great hearing Gareth with a Welsh accent. He uses his head, face and hands to portray the romantic, poetic nature of his character.

Oh yes, and he chews on his thumb.

Joe Dredd
At home, we find that Aubrey's wife Blodwyn is none other than Bartolomew - er, I mean Myfanwy.

Joe Dredd
At the Milton's house, Helen Milton is in a playful mood. She's keen for Dan to take her out dancing. Dragging him from the lounge, Helen spins him round the room. Dan says he's too exhausted to go out... then heads off to the pub.

Joe Dredd
The next morning the two men talk about how wonderful the women they have met are, and how their wives pale in comparison.

They also eat a wodge of stodge that I can't identify, other than the slices of bread and butter.

Joe Dredd
Then Joe goes a bit doo-lally and posts too many pictures....

Joe Dredd
Gareth's chewing that thumb again. He shouldn't do that. The Venus de Milo had the same bad habit and look how she ended up.

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