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Started: 09 July 2016

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Joe Dredd wrote:

I've been told to even things up by giving Gareth equal time in a costume drama.*

* This is a fib.

Fib or not, thank you. Smile
Joe Dredd
Jan Chappell plays Counsel for the Defence in this episode of Crown Court: Resurrection Woman (1982).
Joe Dredd
The Sandbaggers - "To Hell with Justice" (1980) - the second episode of the third (and final) series - has a key role for Glynis Barber*.


It's reputed that series creator Ian McNaughton caused something of a furore by having a real top secret phone number shown on one the phones seen in the titles.

As usual, click the images to enlarge them.

* It occurs to me just now that, seeing how little Glynis has aged over the years, there might really have been some anti-aging properties in that cellar of Dorian's that she visited.**
** Either that or she's got a portrait of Cliff Richard in the attic. And let's face it - even Cliff looks worn out these days, especially compared to Glynis Barber.
Joe Dredd
The SIS Director of Intelligence ("D.Int") has permission to go on holidays to Malta. He surprises everyone by meeting up with a young lady without permission or clearance.

Joe Dredd
The lady in question is Margaret Muller, undoubtedly a distant relation of Elton & Vena Muller. She is also German - but is she West German or East German? Or is she something else entirely?

Joe Dredd
SIS keeps them under observation but there doesn't seem to be anything undercover going on, in any sense of the word.

Director of Operations ("D.Op") Neil Burnside goes to Malta in person to deal with the situation.


(Yes TT, the only shots of her in her swimming costume are all from a distance.)
Joe Dredd
Hearing about a new role in the world's greatest SF show, the lady rushes off to get an audition.


The Sandbaggers is available on DVD from Network.
Joe Dredd
Next time...


Joe Dredd
Or perhaps even...


Joe Dredd
One for the eyelash aficionados (yes, eyelash not Timelash) - Scott Fredericks in "Charters & Caldicott" (BBC, 1984).

Keith Waterhouse worked on TW3 and The Frost Report, as well as writing scripts for Worzel Gummidge, Billy Liar and Andy Capp (featuring James Bolam with occasional appearances by Trooper Par, B7 fans!). Probably my favourite of his work is his pastiche tributes to "The Diary of A Nobody" - "Mrs Pooter's Diary" and "The Collected Letters of a Nobody". The "Mrs Pooter's Diary" angle was also used in his "Diary of a Nobody" play.


As usual, click on the images for a larger view.
Joe Dredd
Del-boy's* missus is in it too. Can you "spot" her?


* That's Derek Trotter, not Derek Tarrant**.

** Yes, Mr Pacey once said in an interview that he assumed Del (in Del Tarrant) was short for Derek***. That doesn't sound very spacey, Mr Pacey!

*** What do you call a man with a crane on his head? (Etc!)
Joe Dredd
Look at this end-of-last episode grimacing over a gun barrel while surrounded by official forces. I wonder where I've seen that idea before?

Joe Dredd
As the credits explain, the characters of Charters & Caldicott originally appear in Hitchcock's "The Lady Vanishes". They also appear in three other movies:"Night Train to Munich", "Crook's Tour" and "Millions Like Us". Coincidentally, Keith Waterhouse, who scripted this TV series, was employed by Hitchcock to improve the dialogue in his 1966 movie, "Torn Curtain".

Joe Dredd
The 1980s series of "The Two Ronnies" included their Ben Steed-esque mini-serial, "The Worm that Turned".

In this example of role-reversal comedy, the male patriarchy has been overthrown by women. Men are bits of fluff who are only good for cleaning, housekeeping, flirting with etc. Diana Dors is dressed like a South American general. All very stereotypical and predictable.

Joe Dredd
Although we do get a good "Pa's Bar" joke out of it, what it reveals is that once in charge, women in the police/army can't wait to get rid of those impractical uniforms we have now and replace them with shiny leather, hot pants and stilettos heels.

Joe Dredd
"But what's the B7 connection?" I hear you cry.

Well, it was rumoured that the serial features the clip guns used by our heroes in B7 S4.

The guns only appear in a couple of instalments, and are hard to get a look at. Most of the time the women are armed with silver rifles, and when we do see the handguns they are usually obscured by fast movement or darkness.

It's quite clear that the rifles are stormtrooper guns from Star Wars painted silver (see last shot before the credits). This makes me think that the hand guns are not clip guns, but toy Star Wars guns like the rifles. My guess is that BBC Props went to a toy shop and bought a load of toy Han Solo Blaster pistols, along with the rifles, and painted them all silver. I've zoomed in on the middle two screenshots here and the shape of the grip, and the longer top sight, makes me feel sure this is the case.

My conclusion: No B7 connection after all.


You can click on this image to enlarge it.
Joe Dredd
Let's get back to the real cast!

Josette Simon plays DI Murray in "Better the Devil You Know", the first episode of the 2009 remake of "Minder".

Straight away you can see the different tonal palette compared to the 80s show above.


As always, click for a larger view.
Joe Dredd
In case it's not clear, the underwear Murray finds are a knock-off brand: "Kalvin Clein".

Joe Dredd
Josette Simon is another one of the B7 cast who seems to have barely aged. It seems she could step back into the Dayna role in an instant.

Not a lot of big body movements in this scene, but Josette's facial reactions tell the story.

Joe Dredd
Finally the bad guys are caught. Her stance in the middle-right shot here reminds me of a publicity pic from "Assassin".


A couple of the cast of "Born & Bred" together in this episode too.
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