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Started: 09 July 2016

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Describe Blake's 7
Spaceship Dispatcher
Vanessa Doffenshmirtz wrote:

I'm not sure which A-Team character is shown as being a coward...

I was thinking of the similarity between BA's panic attacks at the thought of flying to the mission, and the whole "I aint goin' on no plane" routine, and Vila's constant pleading to not have to go on missions - even though we know Vila is as serious about about what they're doing as the next person. But both characters' apparent refusal to go on missions, whether it be fear of flying or violence and with the other team members trying to talk them round, are played for comic relief value in a very similar way.
Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow. I bet that means something. It sounds great.

Blake's 7: Trojan Horse (s4 fanfic) - Blake's 7: Through the Needle's Eye (s2 fanfic)

Spaceship Dispatcher's fanfic site
Sopron wrote:

LOL, Oh I know its canon - wrong as it is on most levels. I'm a canonista, whats on the screen is what is for me, one way or another. Ive spent many hours on analysis, had a lot of innocent enjoyment, and written over half a million words, trying to make S4 canon make sense...

Speaking of which, is there any chance of a dew more words in your epic some time in the near future? I've really enjoyed the afterlife you've written and keep checking to see if there's more.

Rats, that was supposed to be a quote from and reply to Peladon but I seem to have mucked up the formatting...

Thank you, and yes the next chapter is sort of getting near completion. It was scheduled for Christmas but life.....

The formatting keeps getting me too, and the wrethched background to comments you are trying to write...
Double Rats it nearly got me again!
To Peladon: Yay! I shall keep watching space for that! I do understand, as a reader, I have the easy part, writing would require more dedication than I could cope with. "Life, don't talk to me about life..."

To SD (and getting back on topic): I love the idea of BA Barracus as a combined Vila and Gan
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