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Started: 09 July 2016

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Blakes 7 Obsession - Sanity Clay
Joe Dredd
Now up for pre-order at Amazon UK: Blakes 7 Obsession - Sanity Clay

by Steven Summer
With royalties to the Terry Nation Estate

Incredible true story. Through hallucinations & split personality, boy lives out tv series FOR REAL

In devotion to your favourite TV program, how far would you go? 13 yr old Steven Summer went to the edge……. In 1978 thirteen year old Steven Summer became obsessed with the science fiction, television series, Blakes Seven. Steven had an ability called synesthesia where words are strongly associated with colours. For example Monday is brown, Tuesday is grey in the minds eye, and Wednesday is green. Steven also possessed the ability to lucid dream. In a normal dream, the dreamer is a back seat passenger. In a lucid dream, whilst in the middle of a dream, you become aware that you are dreaming, and remain in the dream.

Steven was born left handed, but persuaded to become right handed at school, maybe the wires got crossed a bit. He was also adopted. He was a solitary child, and considered by some, especially English teachers, to be quite creative.

It is unknown whether any of the above factors, or none, had anything to do with Stevens most incredible ability, to willingly enter a state of voluntary insanity, to experience hallucinations.

What was your fave television program? How near the edge would you go? Steven Summer went right to the edge of insanity, a voluntary insanity. He lived out his favourite television series FOR REAL. He could no longer see the bedroom carpet, but only the flight deck of a space battle cruiser. School teachers were hallucinated as the Evil Federation. There is stinging attack against the British Education System. With a multi personality disorder, along with the actors themselves, Steven Summer came as close as anyone, to being Blakes Seven. It was probably as good as being a Beatle, as good as being the greatest pop star or greatest film star. An experience no billionaire could buy. There was an undercurrent in the background, nearly every waking moment, of utter glamour, and utter fear. It was one of the most fantastic experiences anybody could ever have. But there was a terrible price to be paid. Steven just barely got out with his life, and his sanity. This is the incredible true story, of Blakes 7 Obsession. There is no book like this one.
It certainly looks like an interesting read. I've only been able to lucid dream a couple of times so I'm envious of Steven on that note, that's for sure. I'm curious to see who 'The Federation' where when he lived out his Blakes 7 life.

Has anyone read it yet?
Joe Dredd wrote:
He could no longer see the bedroom carpet, but only the flight deck of a space battle cruiser. School teachers were hallucinated as the Evil Federation.
Sounds a bit like Spiff the Spaceman in "Calvin & Hobbes"! Smile
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