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Started: 09 July 2016

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Let's Diagnose our Heroes
Angry Angel
Of course, Servalan is in a regime where being a psychopath is a great way to advance your career. She doesn't even pretend to care about anyone else really. At most, she pretends to care about the Federation as a whole rather than just for herself. It's noticeable that most of the other high up and military personnel we see seem at least to have that 'military family' loyalty to each other, as we see when Travis is perturbed at what she's going to do to Maryatt.
Oh I love this discussion. I'm a mental health nurse so I love diagnosing everyone and everything.

Completley agree with Servalan's diagnosis I've seen in the past few comments, I kind of switch between psychopath and sociopath myself with her, but definitely a sadist. I personally tend to think she's a psychopath but I can definitely see the argument for sociopath and tbh working in the field, there's an awful lot of clinical argument and discussion about the similiarities and difference between the two.

What's everyones diagnosis of Travis?

I've been following the diagnosis of Avon with interest. This is just me, but I tend to think he has major depression, though it seems to lift a bit in S4 (or at least he seems to be smiling a lot more in the episodes im rewatching!)Maybe it sparked after Anna's 'death' originally and he's been experiencing it since, with different dips and highs in depression. I tend to think Avon is a narcissist as well and Blake, though Blake's is kind of an unconscious narcissism.

I'd also be interested in what everyone would diagnose Tarrant with.
To be honest, I think the only thing Tarrant suffers from is an inflated sense of his own abilities and importance. Some of this would relate to his training as a Federation officer; some of it's the underlying personality.
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