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Started: 09 July 2016

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Who was on the Liberator before Blake's Crew?
I must say that I hadn't considered this point before, but now .............. now I have a headache!

I don't believe that the System, if a separate entity to the Andromedans, would have had precious metals as jewellery or clothing for purposes of trade. Any planet technologically advanced to be worth trading with would certainly not fall for the "Here's a couple of bucks, now give me Manhattan" ploy, they would want examples of the System technology. [Look at how many people wanted to get their hands on that teleport system after all.] Less developed civilisations would not have anything that would be able to stop the 'then' crew of DSV2 just taking what they wanted.

I just don't see a civilisation willing to take those clothes in exchange for anything - unless the System had missed the pick-up date and were now having to take everything that the computers had declared "Last Season" to the intergalactic charity shop.

Precious metals would not have been as jewellery, this depends on taste. They would surely have been of solid bars of known content and mass.

However, that only applies if you believe that the goods were going out from the System. If the Liberator was on the way back ............... anything goes. This could have been a part of a project run by the System - on behalf of itself, or for the Andromedans, - to catalogue every civilisation. This would account for the wide variety of clothing and the presence of jewellery. they were on their way back to the System to be catalogued, from where the metals would have been sorted and added to their own stocks, the clothing either destroyed or turned into something useful - even if that's only energy.
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I like the pirates were in control of the Liberator prior to the space battle the London encounters idea. That would explain the clothes room and the strong room containing all the money and precious stones and jewels.

Maybes the space battle the London encountered was two fleets of Liberators? One side all controlled by escaped slaves who had become space pirates and the other side controlled by the System. The ship London finds is the only surviving ship the rebels controlled.

Just an idea.
I never understood why there was human-sized clothing and vast amounts of currency and gems on Liberator given how the System operated its world. Look at the Altas in the control room - probably a hybrid human-machine mix, and the slaves- so the only conclusion I came to was that pirates, or something very near had somehow taken over the ship previous to Blake and co. and filled it with their booty. They could have been involved in that war that the London picks up when they encounter Liberator, and were forced to abandon ship without taking their belongings.

The only other thing would be that the System took out the DSV for some reason or other- trade, war, whatever, and stocked the ship with human items they thought they would need. It makes sense for the money but the clothing? And by the description Avon gives, there is currency and gems from all over the Universe and in vast amounts. That does not jive with pirates, but what other explanation was given? None. Perhaps we just weren't supposed to be discussing and taking apart Blake's 7 after nearly 40 years...? LOL
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