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Ficlet Challenges - February 2015 - Part Three


Poems and silly verses inspired by the prompt word Red

Red to Vila is a nice Merlot 
served at room 
in a crystal glass
as often as possible. 

Gan finds the red
mist descending less 
frequently now 
but always when 
his limiter malfunctions 

Pink is Jenna's 
although she does
love her red 
leather suit
and hopes that Blake
does too.

Blake sees red whenever
he thinks of 
The Federation. A
hot rage burns
when he 
recalls those
terrible fake charges

Sunsets remind Cally of
raining from a red sky;

The red of
Vinni's tunic 
Tarrant's sleep still.

dreams a
red revenge

And Soolin
painted the town
red after her
last successful
if that rundown
collection of random
builds could be classified
a town.

Avon always chose
black. His brief
flirtation with red
ended when 
he killed
Anna. He never guessed
that red 
would signal
his Epiphany.


LURENA - Black Haiku
red alert sunset
reminiscent of your smile
glints of silver die


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Jenna fancies Blake
and he hasn't a clue

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Servalan fancies Avon
and she fancies Tarrant too.

Roses are red
Soma is green
One makes you hope,
The other makes you dream...

Roses are red
Soma is green
Justin was forty-seven
And Dayna was thirteen

Roses are red 
Soma is green
Travis was happiest
When venting his spleen

Roses are red
Soma is green
Soolin’s fine backside
Is the best that I’ve seen

Roses are red
Soma is green
Soolin's lovely hair
Is shiny and clean

Roses are red
Soma is green
When Vila drinks too much
Pink asteroids are seen

Roses are red
Soma is green
How much does Hall Mellanby
sound like Ben Vereen?

Jenna in Red, 
Cally in Blue, 
Cally is sweet. 
But... Jenna.... whew...

Dayna in red
Dayna in blue
Alone in my bed
I'm thinking of you

Leather suit red
Leather suit black
Time changes people
There's no going back.


The original forum threads with the stories and comments can be found here.

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